Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ok, before peeping into wikipedia, how do I define mushups. Can you imagine the Yahoo! site, exactly, ... It's called a portal, right? Composed of portalets, one managing the advertisements, another managing users different accounts(mail, yahoo biz subscriptions, etc.). Currently a lot of sites are emerging as mushups, specially that the term "webservices " is at the top of the list of tech terms now-a-days. Simple example, I can create a cool mushup, an AJAX application that can send SMS to my contacts currently located in Marikina, and next to send IM to those located in California, utilizing Googlemap API and a local service provider's(sample PLDT's webservice) API for sending SMS. Cool, right? Yes, it's a mushup of different data coming from different sources. The cartographic data from Google, and contacts data from my PLDT subscription, as an example. ;)

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