Thursday, September 11, 2008

Making Google Chrome fast

First of, make sure to download Google Chrome, my favorite browser!

I came across Shafqat Ahmed's site yesterday about Google Chrome, and I believe it make sense choosing the option how you like Chrome consume your computer's memory.

The three options are as follows:
  1. --process-per-site 
  2. --process-per-tab 
  3. --single-process

You may opt to have three different shortcuts for each of the options like:

"C:\Documents and Settings\Papa\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --single-process

... as how I set it up for one of my shortcut to Chrome. 

As explained in Marc Chung's page as to why process model is important,

"The short answer is robustness.  A web application running in your browser, is a lot like an application running on your operating system, with one important distinction:  Modern operating systems[1] run applications in their own separate process space, while modern browsers[2] run web applications in the same process space. By running applications in separate processes, the OS can terminate a malicious (or poorly written) application without affecting the rest of the OS.  The browser, on the other hand, can't do this.  Consequently a single rogue application can suck up mountains of memory and eventually crash your entire browser session, along with every other web application you were using at the time."

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