Saturday, February 16, 2008


I just realized I'm into AJAX for a while now, and I have not shared anything about it, or have helped anyone on how to go about it, bad for a person who supports the opensource movement :(

Anyways, I hope through this blog I'll be able to set a mood of returning back the favor to the community which helped me learn AJAX.

To start off, I am fond of using prototype.js in tandem with scriptaculous.js. With my current work as a developer, we're using prototype windows, sure thing it's the best ever DHTML windows available for our IM purposes :)

Later within the week I will share snippets that may be helpful for the starters in AJAX. Another exciting web application I'm tinkering is an online dream board, that has yet to be publicly hosted :)

Oh, and a very good help balloons is one thing I have to apply in my web apps soon, so stay tuned.

So, that's it for now ;)

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